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I have created an nfs share on a synology NAS. I want to add the share to an ESXi host, but without success.

Configuration of the nfs share:

I inserted the IP of the ESXi host, allowed read/write and tried all 3 root_squash values (not assigned, guest and admin)

alt text

Adding the share to ESXi:

I inserted the IP of the NAS, the name of the nfs share (I tried both /vms and vms without slash)

alt text

This is the error message on the ESXi client:

alt text

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Maybe I should insert the absolute path of the nfs folder in the second dialogue, will try and find out the path name – mit Jan 21 '11 at 17:40
Have you had any success yet? I'm planning to buy a sinology box to use as a nfs share for external backups. – user75854 Mar 25 '11 at 14:20
Hi Benedict, yes, I accepted Matt's answer, what he writes helped me, acutally it is simple if you know where. We are quite happy with Synology & VMWare. If you read the other answer (which I have written) you see how I found out the share name. – mit Apr 11 '11 at 15:26
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As far as where you would find the folder path (/volume1/vms), its at the bottom of the NFS Privledges window in DSM.

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I activated ssh access on the NAS. It offers a simple busybox shell. I could see a folder "volume1" in the root folder of the filesystem and in it there was my shared directory vms

So I repeated to add the share to ESXi, this time I insrted /volume1/vms as Folder (second field below the IP) and it worked.

If someone can tell me how I could have found this path from the synology interface I would accept that answer.

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