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I am reconfiguring my website from scratch and basically I want it to run Mono(well, ASP.Net inside Mono)

According to the Mono Project there appears to be two options, Apache or Nginx.

Which one would be best for me? I'm running on Arch Linux x86-64, so I have packages for both. And I don't plan on (at least not in the immediate future) running any other software such as PHP. The only thing that must be supported is multiple-hosts support, for instance goes to Website A, and goes to Website B.

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I would use Apache with mod_mono since fastcgi-mono-server2 for nginx is probably still causing thrashing. There are also some opened bugs (about memory leaks if I remember correctly) regarding mono fastcgi server and it's suggested to use Apache rather than nginx.


Thrashing: I tested it myself with old 2.4 release if I remember correctly (not sure if newer versions suffer from the same issue). Here is an article which mentions it.

Other problem we had was the mono web process and the resources it used. Going to 600-900Mb RAM and wasting a lot of CPU, even at idle time.

These two bugs are about possible memory leaks when using fastcgi-mono-server.

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Could you please provide a reference somewhere to back this up? I did and couldn't find anything – Earlz Jan 23 '11 at 18:00
Answer updated. – yojimbo87 Jan 23 '11 at 18:22

I use Ubuntu server 11.10 (ref 1 and 2) and recommend it.

Why? Default repo's are updated frequently for all that you the to host mono based websites (Apache, Lighttp or nginx). nginx is my choice. It's a easy to maintain distro.

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