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What is your favourite filesystem on SSD disks, and why?

I'm asking because on my Acer Aspire One with 8 GB SSD with ReiserFS it takes ages to boot after an unclean shutdown, so I'm probably missing something. I thought ReiserFS woud be a good choice, but it probably isn't.

And also: Once a filesystem has been chosen, What options are suited for this kind of disks? I heard something about aligning filesystem blocks with SSD cells (I hope those terms are appropriate), but how do I actually find the right block size?

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The cell size I've typically seen on SSDs is 64 kbytes, but it tends to get more complicated that that. I've found an interesting-looking article that I haven't studied in-depth, but which looks to have a reasonably detailed investigation into such things.

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If you're willing to wait for 2.6.30 and you're okay with trying a newcomer, NILFS is set for inclusion into the 2.6.30 mainline tree.

The benchmarks look great and it apparently addresses the exact issue you've been seeing.

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Follow Up: 2.6.30 has been released :) – Server Horror Jun 10 '09 at 9:54

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