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This is probably a stupid question but for some reason I cannot create subdomains doesn't work

but and work perfectly..

I've assigned them in my webserver configuration files (lighttpd.conf), but I was wondering if I need to configure them with the domain provider instead.

where is the issue here ? thanks

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You will need to create DNS records for the subdomains and point them to your server. If you want all subdomains to point to your server then a wildcard DNS record is probably best.

If however, you want specific subdomains to point to your server then CNAME records are probably the way to go.

You will need to make these changes on your hosts nameservers.

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You can configure them on Domain provider or on dns configuration add an CNAME entry for * to go to same ip.

At host name add * , CNAME type and address should be ip of the server.

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What does "doesn't work" mean? What kind of error you get from where? If it's your browser telling you it can't find, than you have to edit your domain entries in the DNS accordingly, so your "domain provider" would be the target to solve this.

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