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We're soon to be moving into office of 400m² that's an odd U shape. We'd like wireless coverage across the whole thing. It seems to me that distributed wi-fi is the answer (a controller managing two dumb APs). I can't for the life of me find any vendor that has a solution in the price range a medium-sized business. Perhaps I'm searching for the wrong thing? Any advice is appreciated.

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Give Juniper a look. They have a small controller (supports 4 AP's) for $900 full retail, you can find it as low as $650 if you look around. I am a fan of the Cisco line, worked with them for 4 years and they are a dream to manage, lots of online reference material.

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Meru runs some good bundle pricing on their smaller controllers. I think you need to call the reseller in your area to get pricing. I have 5 of their radios in a 10,000 square foot office and they work great.

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Mikrotik. You get a lot more, but this is also something they support and their prices are - very interesting.

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