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Zerigo states on their site

Instant updates

When you make a change to your DNS records, it takes a moment for them to replicate to all of the DNS servers. Until this happens, nobody can see the change.

Zerigo's proprietary synchronization engine ensures this happens in mere seconds. We won't name names (to protect the guilty), but many providers take hours to perform updates. In our opinion, that's crazy and it's why we designed our system for much faster updates.

Are they really stating that their service is different from how DNS operates normally, or is this just stating that when you make a change they make sure it instantly removes any old cached records from their systems but doesn't do anything about other DNS servers?

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It is not mere seconds though. I can take a couple minutes, but always less than 3 or 4. Speaking from personal experience with 75+ zones at Zerigo for a couple years now. – Gaia Jul 23 '12 at 12:36
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It is true. It basically means that all updates you do to their DNY do sync to THEIR DNS (!) immediately (or close to real time). This is standard for good DNS providers - there is a push protocol that a DNS can sue to inform replicated slaves that a zone has changed. Normall DNS slaves (as most are in a typcial DNS farm) timeout on the data.

Sadly this is amrketing speak. Basically they push "normal practices" for a well managed DNS farm. Only a badly managed farm will not configure the slaves and master for a push if a change occurs on the master.

That said, this does NOT invalidate caces all over the internet. Point. They also dont claim that. if you read carefully waht they said - basically thy claim to immediately update, while some providers take hours to update THEIR OWN (i.e. those providers) servers. Crappy providers all around, pretty much.

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I had figured it was word semantics for marketing purposes. – Chris Marisic Jan 24 '11 at 14:31

It's not possible for them to be touching other people's DNS servers to remove their cached records. It seems to just be marketing-speak for 'we update our DNS clusters quickly'

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