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I have a tcpdump log with the following entry:

14:53:31.428570 IP > RP 587:687(100) ack 48545454154 win 0

My Problem is that i have never seen an RP paket before.. What does it mean?

Is it kind of a reset paket?

Thanks in advance!

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Flags are some combination of S (SYN), F (FIN), P (PUSH), R (RST), W (ECN CWR) or E (ECN-Echo), or a single `.' (no flags).

© man tcpdump

So, here you have TCP packet with RST (which means that it actually is a reset packet) and PUSH flags set.

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In network related situations I only know RP as "Rendevouz Point" in Protocol Independent Multicast (Sparse Mode) - PIM-SM.

Unfortunately I am not sure about what the packets would look like. You might want to compare the ports or take a decision based on the environment you recorded the tcpdump. (These packages are not that common AFAIK)

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