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We are monitoring quite a lot of devices using Nagios, and the host group page page is starting to get a bit cluttered. Does any one know of a way to force the order of the groups on that page, the main reason being i want the groups with the most hosts to appear first as i think the page will look a bit cleaner

Thanks Luke

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The only way to force the ordering is to prepend a number to each group name to force the sorting order. I recommend not worrying about ordering, though. It sounds like you are getting more hosts than you can check with one of the pages. I recommend using the "service problems" or "host problems" views to only show what's wrong. that is a much easier way to view things. Besides, you don't care about what's working, only what's broken.

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hmm, thought about that thanks anyway – beakersoft Jan 24 '11 at 19:56

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