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The problem I am having is that it seems like any network traffic on a guest virtual machine locks out RDP access to all guest instances and to the host.

For example, if I initiate a file copy from my NAS to a guest via RDP, as soon as the file copy starts, my RDP session gets dropped. At this point, I can no longer RDP or ping any of the guests nor can I get into the host server.

When the file copy completes, access is immediately restored.

My configuration is:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Dell 2900, 18g RAM, Dual NICs, only one is hooked up though
  • Guests instances are also Server 2008 R2 using the same NIC as the host
  • Gigabit switch
  • NAS is a Synology DX1511+

My first thought is that I should not be using one NIC for both the guests and the host. What is the recommended configuration?

My second thought is that I need to look at the NIC card for some sort of issue. I don't see anything in the event viewer.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, it is usually better to have a network adapter for the guests external network that is separate from the Hyper-V host.

Also, on the guests, you should verify the following network adapter > advanced settings:

  • Jumbo packet: Disabled
  • Large Send Offload (IPV4): Disabled
  • Large Send Offload (IPV6): Disabled
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