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I'm looking for a better looking of apache "index of file", I have tried one get the effect from this, enter image description here

to this,

enter image description here

But is there any other better looing for apache "index of file", could you recommend some better?

I think the looking of firefox directory indexing is better,

enter image description here Thanks.

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Apache's mod_autoindex provides you lots of flexibility. With it you can add to your directory listings a header section, customize the looks with CSS, modify the icons and whatnot.

If that is not enough for you, it's possible to pass a dynamic script as your DirectoryIndex file - for example DirectoryIndex /webroot/shared/my_custom_dir.php would call a PHP script from path /webroot/shared/my_custom_dir.php for generating the directory listing.

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You can use "FancyIndexing" and "FoldersFirst" directives in Apache configuration

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