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I mean when the cursor is on the left side of the words ,I would like to remove the words on the immediate right side of it . CTR+k remove everything on the right side, i only want one word to be removed.

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Many keyboards will work with Alt as Meta so you can press Alt-d.

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In my bash shells, I hit ESC and 'd'.

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Bash tends to use libreadline for commandline input, so you can create an inputrc file that lets you control what keystrokes do what. man readline 3 should explain the format, you can also find this in the READLINE section of bash's manpage (the specific command you want is kill-word)

zsh doesn't use libreadline apparently, but it seems they've mimicked a lot of the functionality. It looks like there are some options to mimic bash's word matching, but you'll need to bind them to a key.

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