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Client has two domains and wants there only to be one. Domain A's DC is an sbs2k machine, and Domain B's is a 2k3 running at Windows 2000 Mixed functional level. Along with changing the domain name I will need to change the computer name as it is identical to one already on domain A. I read that it's required to change 2k3's functional level to 2003 in order to make name changes changes using netdom. So I believe I'm unable to carry out task without a clean install. What can I do?

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I would suggest your best option is to demote the DC in domain B, rename it, join it to domain A and then promote it to being a DC in domain A.

Otherwise, even if you are able to change the name, you are still going to have issues with that machine being a DC in domain B. Do it properly first time and you will have less issues in the long term.

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I feel so stupid for not thinking about that. Thanks so much man. – Daniel Jan 25 '11 at 22:27

You can only raise the domain functional level to 2003 if all domain controllers are running the 2K3 OS.

You'll need to do a clean install of 2K3 on Domain A and dcpromo it.

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My bad, forgot to clarify on that in the question. I did already know that having to change the functional level was not going to work having the sbs2k DC. Thanks though! – Daniel Jan 25 '11 at 22:23

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