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I had a hosting reseller account with some company to host my web development clients on it.

After some time, I have outgrown the reseller account and I have got a VPS and wanted to move all my clients to that VPS.

So, I have created child name servers for my main domain:


and made them point to the new server IP (that was yesterday) and I have transfered all my clients data to the new server.

The problem is that although all my clients domains are having the same name servers mentioned above, some of them are pointing to the new server and some of them are not.

I understand that DNS propagation can take up to 72 hours, but how come that despite the fact that all of them are using the same name servers, but they are pointing to a different servers?

is there anything wrong with the way I did it? is there anything I can do about the issue? or is it just normal?

UPDATE: just before writing this question I have changed one of the domains who had different name servers before (i.e ns1.NotMyDomain.com and ns2.NotMyDomain.com) to my name servers and it is pointing to the new servers now. (That's less than 20 minutes)

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if that makes any different, when I say "pointing" to the server, I'm actually checking that by "ping". When I ping any of the non-working domains, I get the same old IP address, but when I ping the same domain from my VPS (using SSH) I get the new IP address. –  Hassan Al-Jeshi Jan 26 '11 at 0:37
ping is the wrong tool for the job. check intodns or dnsstuff see what's listed in your problem domain as parent servers, if that's wrong your problem is at your registrar. if it's right check what's being returned by the nameservers, make sure their isn't a glue issue. also, we can't even begin to answer this question without you telling use your domain. Right now the correct answer is, you have a configuration problem somewhere. –  xenoterracide Jan 26 '11 at 2:28

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Are the addresses for ns{1,2}.MainDomain.com identical at the registry and at your own zone? To check this, enter the settings on your registrar's website for MainDomain.com, and verify the mapping at your own zone files in your newly acquired VPSs (or wherever you are running those DNS servers). The inconsistency between the two is a major cause for the problem you describe.

If the NS records at the registry and at your own name servers are identical, then check with dig +trace www.yourcustomer.com to verify at which point of the resolution the "mis-mapping" occurs.

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