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is there a way to get a log of all users accessed the windows2008 r2 server remotely

we need to know their machine IP from what time to what time they have accessed the server ?

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These events are recorded in the Security event-log. Event ID 4846. Logout events are ID 4634. You can correlate login events with logout events through the LogonGUID attribute on both events.

Windows doesn't provide a way to generate a list with these, you'll have to write something or buy something to do it. wevtutil provides a way of querying the event-log and dumping it to a text file for processing with a script.

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Note 1. logon/off events are not logged by default: use secpol.msc (or GP) to enable. 2. PowerShell's Get-WinEvent allows remote access to filter and read event logs, including all the processing and saving PSH can then do; see here for starting on that cmdlet. – Richard Jan 26 '11 at 10:32

There are several ways: 1. Using free software also keep track of all logins information in Active Directory domains

2.Using paid monitoring software:

3.Using login script You can add some lines to the logon and log off script to write something to the server share log file.

@echo off echo [%date% %time%] >>\server\share\logtime.log echo %username% log on %computername% to domain: %userdomain% >>\server\share\logon.log

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