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I'm looking to install WiFi in one of our locations. We are going to need about 3 or 4 Wireless Access Points. So I'm looking for a product recommendation. The requirements are:

  • Easy to install, can install directly into switch but also into a free network port in other areas.
  • Easy to manage, ideally each WAP could be managed from one interface and create one coherent network. Rather than having to configure each one using a separate admin interface.
  • Wall mountable
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You might want to look at for hardware. The ALIX boards support a wide range of software, so you're likely to find something which meets your administrative needs:

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I've made VERY good experience with Mikrotik access points. They are based on Linux and are capable of everything (WLAN (anything you can dream of) - you can extend the feature with different cards, BGP, MPLS, switching (with a special switch chip), scripting (alarms), hotspot feature ...).
Take a look at:

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In the end I went for a Cisco WAP. As long as you keep the SSID and channels the same they support roaming via 802.11F

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Check out the offerings of Ubiquiti Networks. Their UniFi line might just be what you are looking for, since it is a product recomendation you require. Easy to install and configure, ridiculously affordable, centrally managed from a visual web-gui and feature-packed. You can choose between 4 indoor models and one outdoor with external antennae. They are very reliable, to the extent of my knowledge, and offer seamless hand-overs for devices between APs. Also, the Controller software is very lightweight, runs on everything (some have tried compiling it for ARM).

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