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Is there a way to setup mod_cband to display cband-status for a specific vhost and for a specific user?

What I want to achieve is a status page for a client that if he opens for example:, then he will get a status page for HIS vhost only and not showing any other configurations.

Also how do I make Basic authentication for a certain user per vhost? (different users have access on different vhosts)

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Check this example from

  DocumentRoot /var/www
  CBandLimit 100M
  CBandExceededSpeed 128 5 15
  CBandScoreboard /var/www/scoreboard
  CBandPeriod 4W

  <Location /cband-status>
    SetHandler cband-status
  <Location /cband-status-me>
    SetHandler cband-status-me

Restart Apache and check the status pages at and

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Works great! The problem with my configuration was that I had the location and handler set globally and not separately in the VirtualHosts. Thanks! – Alakdae Jun 25 '09 at 10:23

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