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I like watching conference presentations that show you how to do things when it comes to server setup/deployment etc.

Any good ones out there?

The more practical and hands on the better.

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Community wiki? – Jaymz Jan 27 '11 at 16:24

check out CloudifySource TV, some videos on how to orchestrate services using Cloudify, an open source PaaS stack for setting and orchestrating application deployment on the cloud.

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Since you used the "chef" tag, check out

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You can try looking in youtube for videos, since it looks like you're specially interested in systems management I think that the following conference videos would be ideal for you

Those are the two main sysadmin conferences right now, I would start by looking at those and then you can always proceed to further conferences as your requirements change

share|improve this answer has a lot of videos. But they are more around programming than server maintenance/setup. has a number of good videos, though they aren't conference videos, they are similar. Again, though, the focus is more on the software development process.

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Check out, obviously it is mostly about security but there is a lot of stuff on there that is really useful for sysadmin's. I found a great video there about tcpdump and SELinux.

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