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I am looking for something like SysInternals pskill which is just great!

But that can be executed on Linux more exactly I want it to run on Maemo (Nokia N900 phone). Please do not offer me to run a Wine or any other windows emulation environment.

Of course I got the credentials for the Windows machine and windows machine is general Windows XP or Windows 7 not Windows Server.

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This does not sound like a programming-related question ? – Paul R Jan 27 '11 at 14:50
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The PSKILL tool does what it does by:

  • Copy the file to the target machine
  • Using WMI to create a service on the target machine that launches the file copied
  • Starts the service on the remote machine
  • Removes the service on the target machine
  • Removes the file from the target machine

Samba, and by extension Linux, can do the first and last bullet-points. The others are currently not possible. Such a tool does not exist.

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Thanks! This is clear and educational. But let me rephrase the question. Can it be any done at all in any way? I do not care how :-) – Boris Daich Jan 27 '11 at 16:11
@BorisDaich The short-version: 1) install Cygwin to the target, 2) SSH in, 3) pskill it from there. Alternately, use rdesktop to connect to target, pskill it from there. – sysadmin1138 Jan 27 '11 at 16:13

Maybe a bit late:

Well it is possible if you have installed sysinternals/microsoft PSkill on your server. and you have a user on your server that has the rights to run rpc commands.

from your linux run the following commands:

net rpc service create killproc killproc "%windir%\pskill <program name|process id>" -I <server ip> -U <username>%<password>

net rpc service start killproc -I <server ip> -U <username>%<password>

net rpc service delete killproc -I <server ip> -U <username>%<password>

Hope it helps

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Have a look at WinEXE. I'm not sure if it will compile correctly on an N900, but it will allow you to run command to run "process -k whatever" remotely.

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