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please advice I need to find NC pkg (NetCat utility )for Unix ware, NC pkg exist for linux but I not sure if NC created also for UNIX WARE 7.1.1


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Hi @Klod, were you able to get NetCat working, or do you need additional assistance? –  dsolimano Jan 30 '11 at 5:03

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I would probably try to compile from source given the choice. However, this website has a compiled version that they claim will work on UnixWare.

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(If my rep was high enough I would just comment on dsolimano's answer)

To add to dsolimano's answer, you will need compile tools which can be retrieved here: ftp://ftp.sco.com/pub/unixware7/713/ostknotes.htm

Normally, you would be able to download similar tools like this from Skunkware: ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/skunkware/uw7/Packages/

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