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I currently have nginx setup to serve content through Varnish. Nginx listens on port 8000 and varnish connects users' requests from 80 to 8000.

The problem is, on some occasions, particularly when trying to hit a directory, like, nginx is redirecting the request to

How can I prevent this?

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I found the answer to this question by more carefully reading the HttpCoreModule docs.

port_in_redirect off;

This retains the port used by the client during redirects. Closely related is server_name_in_redirect which uses the first hostname for redirects. As I didn't want to redirect to,

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The code behind NGINX probably uses the FASTCGI variable SERVER_PORT to determine where to direct the user. SERVER_PORT will contain the port nginx listens on, so that would be 8000 in your case.

You can try something like this for testing purpose:

location ~ \.php$ {
        fastcgi_param  SERVER_PORT 80;

adapted to your configuration. That's a dirty hack but can help you diagnose the problem.

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For those who have

  • Varnish listens port 80
  • backend server (in my case nginx) listens port 8080

The fastcgi_param SERVER_PORT should be same as the frontend.

So, I set

fastcgi_param  SERVER_PORT 80;

to redirect to appropriate URL from nginx.

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