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I have a long file path that works on my server, but a simliar path returns a 404 error when it is on my clients (IIS6) server (

Here's the functioning file path on my server: Files/McCurdys_1_0_0_0/Content/FBX/CCAE1B33/Roof-sectionB-02.fbm/hello.htm

My guesses:

  1. Maybe the file path is too long?
  2. Maybe the ".fbm" in the directory path is invalid?

Sorry for the vauge problem description. Please let me know what additional info I can provide that'd be helpful.

Update: The problem happens even in short paths, with no spaces: http://www.myserver/test.folder/hell.htm

Thanks, Adam

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I'm interested in finding out the cause of this also. So I did some research online. I found this article. I think it might help answering this issue.

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The problem is the space in "Application Files". You should URL-encode the link (substitute the space with %20 in this case):


Two things:

  1. Perhaps your client forgot to install/enable static content on IIS. It's a feature that must be explicitly enabled on the server. See this blog post: Don't forget to check "Static content service" in IIS7 installation (it's Vista related: here the Windows Server 2008 procedure: )

IIS check static content feature IIS 7

  1. It would be very strange, because it's not the default for .htm, but maybe your client's IIS/website configuration doesn't allow the htm mimetype. See this support article: IIS 6.0 does not serve unknown MIME types
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