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I have a client's website e.g."aaa.com" hosted on my VPS with Plesk installed. The client manages the domain and he just set up an A record for aaa.com pointing to my VPS server.

The website works fine. However, if any email sent from the website, it doesn't go out of the VPS server. I mean if an email is sent to info@aaa.com (for example), it is not delivered to the client's mail server. When I look into info@aaa.com which has been set up on my VPS, all the emails are just there!! Even if I delete this email on my vps, my client's mail server still doesn't receive any emails from the website.

It sounds like a DNS issues, but the client doesn't use my DNS, he purely hosts the site on my server.

Can anyone please help me out?


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Sounds more like a mail transfer agent issue. And should be moved Server Fault I think. –  beetstra Jan 28 '11 at 0:07
Are MX records setup correctly; can you get the logs from the server which will help find the problem? –  Jacob Jan 28 '11 at 3:59
Can you show us any relevant logs from /var/log/syslog? Is your provider blocking outbound TCP port 25? –  bahamat Jan 29 '11 at 21:14

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If they have their own mail server, then you need to change the MX record for aaa.com to point to their mail server.

When no MX record exists, then the A record is used. That's why mail is going to your server. You probably want to turn off the smtp server if you don't need it.

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Simply turn off the mail service for that domain.

Click the domain, then the "mail" drop down then "mail settings", and untick "Activate mail service on domain"

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