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We have an old application that requires a Backup Exec 9. I have this backing up straight to tape currently. We are looking at doing a Disaster Recovery plan that would allow us to have a second site as a backup.

My question is if anyone has seen this work: Change the B2T to a B2D2T backup. Where the backup to disk is a 'removal drive' usb drive.

I am looking at setting up 4 USB drives with minimum double the capacity of the backups (as they do not grow very much over a year). If I setup 2 folders on each drive that would allow for a rotating full backup across the 4 media (Monday/Thurs), (Tuesday/Friday), (Wed/Weekend).

As a test take one of the Media sets and preform a Catalog into the Backup site BENT9 server and do a Duplicate media to a local B2D Media set.

Is there something that I might be missing to ensure that the rotation works on the USB drives?

Or am I off in the weeds somewhere in my thinking?



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