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I need to install exim4 through puppet. Because this installation requires interactive configuration, I need a response file, but I don't know how to generate one. So, how do I generate a response file?

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Use debconf-set-selections to pre-populate the configuration database before you run apt-get. You can use debconf-get-selections (in debconf-utils) on a configured system to see what needs to be set. Also keep in mind that with exim, the package you actually need to configure is exim4-config.

debconf-get-selections | grep exim4-config
exim4-config    exim4/dc_noalias_regenerate boolean false
exim4-config    exim4/dc_smarthost  string  

See also

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Actually, I had to create the group Debian-exim before running the installation. This got me stuck for a while, but it's just a peculiarity of exim installation. – Daniel C. Sobral Jan 28 '11 at 19:30
if you want to see what the possible values are for a package, just do the following... sudo debconf-get-selections | grep exim. More details at Fully automated ubuntu server setups using preseed – Athir Nuaimi Dec 7 '12 at 12:45

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