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so I have 2 external drives on a ubuntu computer, and the mount point in fstab is in my home directory. however, I seems to only be writable by root. heres the relevent fstab lines:

/dev/sdb1  /home/henry/usb3hdd0  ext4  user,nosuid,uhelper=udisks,noexec,nodev  0       2
/dev/sdc1  /home/henry/usb2hdd1  ext4  user,nosuid,uhelper=udisks,noexec,nodev  0       2
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Use chown -R /home/henry/usb3hdd0 /home/henry/usb2/hdd1 to give you access to all the files on the disk. Ownership will follow wherever you mount the disk. Default owner for the root directory of a disk. You need to change it to allow you access.

I was thinking windows partitions in which case you would have various options.

  • Add noauto to the options, and mount it yourself. I believe this will give you access.
  • Add user=henry to the options. This will give you access to disks.
  • Add the appropriate mode option to enable access.
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thanks, that worked. – hintss Jan 30 '11 at 20:13

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