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Debian docu says i should do it this way:

CHECK_RCPT_DOMAIN_DNSBLS = zen.spamhaus.org/$sender_address_domain : dnsbl.sorbs.net/$sender_address_domain

but it does not work. my dialup ip is listed on dnsbl.sorbs.net but i can telnet to the mx and leave a message. not even a 'warning' header listed or something...

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I think you want to set the CHECK_RCPT_IP_DNSBL entry. Something like CHECK_RCPT_IP_DNSBL = zen.spamhaus.org should work. I believe zen includes the sorbs list now. The domain blocklist is for domains like example.com not IP addresses.

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I knew that i was missing something obvious here :) Thanks ! –  Florian Fida Jan 31 '11 at 10:46

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