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I ran /scripts/easyapache on one of my cpanel servers last night and since then PHP just gives 501 errors, which no logs I can find. I tried running it again and it's running as normal but all output has been replaced with strange characters, eg:

␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ⎻┬␍.␤... ≤␊⎽
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ┤├␋└␊.␤... ≤␊⎽
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ⎽≤⎽/┤├␋└␊.␤... ┼⎺
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ⎽≤⎽/⎻⎺┌┌.␤... ≤␊⎽
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ⎻⎺┌┌.␤... ≤␊⎽
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ⎽⎺␌┐␊├.␤... ┼⎺
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ⎽≤⎽/⎼␊⎽⎺┤⎼␌␊.␤... ≤␊⎽
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ┌␋␉±␊┼.␤... ≤␊⎽
␌␤␊␌┐␋┼± °⎺⎼ ┌⎺␌▒┌␊.␤... ≤␊⎽

Has anyone come across this before? Is it fixable?

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Closing this myself as I've fixed it without determining the original problem. Thanks for the help anyway. –  James L Jan 31 '11 at 7:19

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Can you please provide:

  • OS you are using
  • Version of CPanel
  • What you changed before doing a recompile?
  • Do you have the log of the build you did? I think it can be found in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/easy/apache/

Have you successfully used easyapache on this machine before? Try reverting what ever change you made and rebuilding.

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Log out and log back in. I think your terminal is hosed from the application sending binary data. That is why you are seeing those characters.

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