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I want to set up an email server with the following characteristics. What software (besides bogofilter and clamav that I'm naming) should I use and what HOWTOs should I read?

  • The server should run some flavor of Linux that's as low-maintenance as possible and self-updates for security patches in a timely fashion. (Debian stable?)
  • When email is sent, all the recipients are stored in the list of previous recipients maintained by the server.
  • Scan incoming messages with clamav and treat as spam if it contains viruses.
  • When email arrives (if it passed clamav), if the sender is on the list of previous recipients, bypass spam filter.
  • If the List-Id header names a mailing list on a manually maintained list of known-clean mailing lists, bypass spam filter and deliver into a mailbox depending on the mailing list name.
  • Email that wasn't from previous recipients, manually white listed domains or mailing lists gets filtered by bogofilter. Spam goes into a spam mailbox.
  • Email considered to be ham should automatically be fed to bogofilter training as ham.
  • Email considered to be spam (incl. messages with viruses) should be automatically fed to bogofilter training as spam.
  • There should be mailboxes for false ham and false spam that an IMAP client can move email into so that the server retrains bogofilter appropriately.
  • Email sending requires SMTP over SSL.
  • Email reading requires IMAPS.

Should I also want to use SpamAssassin in addition to bogofilter?

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Hi take a look at this and see if it is what you are after:

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Thanks. That looks pretty close to what I want. – hsivonen Feb 26 '11 at 20:10

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