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I'm using names like a.alpha for the hostname of my linux box, but it seams that these name are not completely usable. The response of a hostname shell command is correct (a.alpha). But the name printed after my user account is "user@a" instead of "user@a.alpha". When I use avahi, I can reach (by hostname) a.alpha, but not b.alpha. Is that normal?

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Chopper is right. Due to how DNS works, the "alpha" component of "a.alpha" is considered a discrete 'label' in DNS. Using a hostname with a dot in it will cause inconsistent results from any system that consumes DNS.

Avahi does interact with DNS names, and specifically the <host-name> directive needs to have the DNS FQDN of the service in it, so it's also subject to DNS inconsistency with dotted names.

Don't use dotted name.

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You're asking for trouble with that naming scheme due to DNS, consider a-alpha instead.

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I'v ask the same question on askubuntu, and no one can answer me nether. So i will use this method –  benzen Jan 31 '11 at 21:02

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