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This question might not belong here, and since this is related to an identity management product, I thought I could ask nonetheless.

I'm currently working to list all of the user identities in Designer for Identity Manager, by Novell.

I used the User Application connector and built the required queries. I also created a Provisioning and Request Definition with the necessary fields.

I can populate an HTML table with the results of the selected query, and get the user information from the Vault. Aside, I could use the organization's logo on the top-left-hand corner, the project name on the top-right with the report title just below on the right-hand side.

My concern is to set the organization's logo on the report.


  1. How can I define this image logo as an image resource into NIM so that I can use it in my HTML identity report?


I know that NIM uses Tomcat 5 as its Web server or the like, I don't know much about it, really. Nevertheless, should it suffice to move the image to its "Website" directory so that I can give the relative "web" path to the image as part of the resources for the "website" NIM uses?

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Answered on StackoverFlow.

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Yes, and thanks for your great answer! I'm anxious to try the solution! – Will Marcouiller Feb 2 '11 at 3:36

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