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Is there any way to find all the workstation on the Active directory "win 2003".

without being the Domain admin?

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WinXP and up have you covered:

dsquery computer -limit 10000

That'll give you a list of all of the computer-objects in the AD tree. dsquery allows fancier filtering as well if you need it. A useful tool!

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If you are a user on the network you can use AD Explorer this should allow you to READ AD but it is possible you will receive an error....

If you need a list of machines on the network i would suggest that you ask an administrator as this may break your company policy and could depending how strict the network is lose you your job...

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PowerShell can do this with one line (not sure if this works on 2003 domain though):

Get-ADComputer -Filter 'operatingSystem -notlike "*server*"' | FT name

You may need to import the activedirectory module first. So your first line in the powershell window might need to be:

import-module act*
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