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I just setup my Cisco VPN and everything appears to be working fine. I opened the 'remote desktop' application and am unable to connect to my work desktop machine.

When I disable Windows Firewall, I am able to connect, but not when Firewall is enabled.

Is there a specific settings inside Windows 7 Firewall that should I be enabling or disabling for this to work without having to shut down the entire system?

I can post this in superuser.com instead if you feel it belongs there, but posted here due to it being related to VPN and Firewall.

Thanks, Kyle

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Cisco VPN client...It probably belongs here...assuming you're the administrator of the firewall. Are you using FQDN or IP address on the RDP session? If you're using FQDN, can you try the IP address and let us know if that works? –  Jason Berg Feb 1 '11 at 23:14
Using the IP address instead of the machine name did the trick, if you want to submit as an answer I can mark it the correct one. –  Kyle B. Feb 2 '11 at 13:37
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