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I have a script

php /home/v/file.php
sh /root/x/

when I execute the file as root from command line it works.

sh /home/v/ 

when I set it to crontab -e (is the root cron), is not working

 * * * * * sh /home/v/

What do I do wrong? Thanks

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The enviroment for cron to run into is very very limited, try to always use full path for binaries.

/usr/bin/php /home/v/file.php
/bin/sh /root/x/

This considers that your php binary is in /usr/bin/php, please change that appropiately if it's not the case

Also try to add in top of your cron the MAILTO line in order to get a direct mail with any error that can happen during the execution
* * * * * sh /home/v/
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It is probable the php binary isn't in the default cron PATH. You should put the full path to your php binary in your script

/usr/bin/php /home/v/file.php

You should also provide a path for sh

/bin/sh /root/x/

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