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I have a Windows Server 2008 (RTM) 32-bit box configured for File Services Role. I installed the File Server Resource Manager feature on the server. When I try to use the snap-in, it gives me the error:

Unable to connect to FSRM on computer \\(local machine). This can happen if the remote computer does not have the Windows Server 2008 or later version of FSRM installed, or if a connection cannot be established because it was blocked by Windows Firewall.

Choose 'Connect to another computer' to manage a different computer running Windows server 2008 or later.

I know there is some stuff out on the Interweb about a bad dll, but that seems to apply only to Server 2003. That dll does not exist on 2008. Has anyone experienced this issue and discovered a fix?

Firewalls are turned off via Group Policy (our network is completely isolated from the Internet). DFS is working in all other respects.

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Make sure you've installed the FRSM via role services and not under add features. Add features only installs the management interface and not the actual service.

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Absoultely brilliant. Your answer was spot on! – newmanth Feb 2 '11 at 17:29

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