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I am installing Ilias 4.1.4 is the lastest stable version on a Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit server with all the dependencies satisfied. Download and install Now just when all the steps are done I log out since now the installation has finished immediately upon logging out I am at following URL (the installation has just finished) and I get following error

Fatal Error: ilInitialisation::initClientIniFile called without CLIENT_ID.

I start searching net for above error and do not get any useful information.After some time I press back button and accidentally reached

and see some sort of screen that asks for a client ID.

how can I get rid of this error
Fatal Error: ilInitialisation::initClientIniFile called without CLIENT_ID.
Let me know if some one here can help me to get rid of this error.

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I believe that "CLIENT ID" refers to a database client.

On the setup screen (http://localhost/ilias/setup/setup.php) login using your root ILIAS password. Then select "List of Clients" on the left side. Then select "Create new Client..." and create a new database client for the ILIAS LMS.

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Well I had posted the question in Feb I see you answered it in Sep, I am out of the project now any how thanks for the help. – Registered User May 12 '14 at 19:35

I had the very same problem.

Somehow if the ILIAS home page is called, the ilias.ini.php file should be read, and with no further client_id parameter given, give the login page for the client_id defined in clients/default in this configuration file.

However, this does not happen. Without having the time for further investigation, here the steps I've taken:

  1. I renamed the index.php to index_CLIENT_ID.php where CLIENT_ID is the default client id.
  2. I created a new index.php (actually a index.html) that forwards to /?client_id=CLIENT_ID, passing a parameter that then used by the ILIAS system.

Not the way it meant to be, but simple and working. Hope it helps for somebowith the very same problem.

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