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Sometimes I want to know what a specific flag means. For instance:

man apache2:
-L     Output a list of directives together with expected arguments and
              places where the directive is valid.

So is there a way to use something like "man apache2 -L" and it tells me only what -L means? Would be great so save on browsing the manual.

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No, not the way you want it. But do you know that you can search inside man? Most systems use less as man browser, so you can search with the / command (press h for more help). If you look for a specific switch, you can use the fact that these are formatted with an indentation at the beginning of the line most of the time and use a regexp:

^[ \t]+-link

will search for the string -link as first non-whitespace character of a line. This way, you will most likely find the actual explanation of the switch and not possible references in other sections.

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OK, too bad it's not possible but / will help. – user60129 Feb 4 '11 at 15:27

I run man commandname and use / to type a search string like your example of -L.

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If your version of man uses less as its pager you can use this Bash function to jump directly to the first occurrence of a given string in the man page:

mans () { local pages string; if [[ -n $2 ]]; then pages=(${@:2}); string="$1"; else         pages=$1; fi; man ${2:+--pager="less -p \"$string\""} ${pages[@]}; }


mans '-E' grep

You can jump to a particular section of a series of pages:

mans DESCRIPTION grep sed awk

When you press q then Enter to exit one man page and go to the next, the search will be done in it, too.

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