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Specifically I'm looking at running it on a node on this hardware:

Any gotchas lurking out there? I'm assuming the AMD soft raid isn't going to fly ...

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pfSense 2.0, currently at RC1, has a 64-bit (AMD64) build. See their official FAQ.

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There's no reason pfsense won't work with an AMD CPU -- Whether or not it supports running in 64-bit mode is a matter to look up on the pfsense website, but I would assume for compatibility reasons that they're running a 32-bit codebase.

Re: the RAID controller in that system, this is again a matter to look up on the PFSense Hardware Compatibility List -- I don't know whether that controller is/was officially supported by FreeBSD, but there's a good chance that as long as it looks like a regular SATA drive to the OS FreeBSD (and thus pfsense) will be more than happy to use the disks.

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