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My domain is provided by 1&1, but I recently moved my website server from 1&1 to another server, controlled with my cPanel.

I have also been able to set up a email account on the new server, but at 1&1 I can still access my old emails with the same

I want to transfer those over to the new server - how do I go about doing that? Perferably at no cost. I looked on the web, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

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If both source and destination servers support IMAP, you can set up one mail client that can see both servers and pretty much drag-and-drop the messages from one server to the other.

Or, for us PINE users, ;A to select all messages in a folder, then AS to apply save-to-folder to all messages, ^T to navigate to the new server, and select the destination folder. And don't forget to throw a bone to the dinosaur.

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Wow, that was A LOT easier than I was expecting it to be. Did the whole thing in Thunderbird. Email is not exactly my area of experties, I just assume everything is difficult :D Thanks – Adam-E Feb 4 '11 at 21:12
Hey, the win is not mine, but IMAP's - it's explicitly excellent at stuff like that, and much else besides. I can't understand why people still use POP3 for anything. Glad you're sorted, and thanks for the prompt feedback. – MadHatter Feb 4 '11 at 21:44

If you were to go into your home directory, you have access to your mail there and could have downloaded and re-uploaded to the new server's mail location inside the user's folder (after creating accounts on new server).



In this folder, you'll find "new" and "cur", which actually contain the email, but if moving from a cPanel server to another cPanel server, you'd probably be able to just restore the entire "mail" directory containing settings and data for all domains & email addresses.

I realize your answer has already been chosen, but this is a legit way to do your mail backups. In fact, I believe it's how cPanel does migrations itself from its cpmove backup files. Cheers!

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