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So the Sysinternals guys have that cool contig.exe utility that allows me ensure a file is contiguous. I need to copy overs ISO files to a FAT32 USB flash key. Grub4DOS requires the files be continuous, but I do not have Windows access at the moment. Is there a way to copy a file so it is contiguous on the target drive, or a tool like the aforementioned that will make an existing file contiguous. Again, I need it on FAT32, and there lies the rub.

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I think if you're copying files to empty USB-disk or to a deragmented one it's very likely files are written contiguous.

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That would be nice, but I want a guarantee it will be contiguous. I have tried that as well. – ajstein Feb 6 '11 at 21:11
Excuse me. I have to eat my own words. I tried an almost empty disk. After much trial and error, using different utilities like Windows defrag, contig.exe, and WinContig.exe, I had to put it on a the USB with nothing else for any utility to make a difference. (Walks away sulking in shame for not reading clearly.) – ajstein Feb 22 '11 at 23:40

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