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I have a bunch of VMs on a Linux hypervisor ( to be precised). I want to convert these to deploy to an ESX hypervisor (opsource cloud server), but need to create an ovf with the vmdk. I don't have access to the hypervisor of either service but opsource allow me to import ovf/vmdk so this is possible.

What tool can create an ovf (With vmdk) of a Windows OS? I am not sure if VCenter Converter would work as it requires access to the hypervisor, if I remember correctly. I am hoping for something like vhd2disk which will create a .vhd of the currently running, parent Windows OS on a system.


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vCenter converter can work on a powered on machine using the converter agent. Follow the P2V instructions. Sometimes you need to use a local administrator account instead of a domain administrator account to achieve the best results.

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