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I have about 300 workstations and I want to know which of those computers have local printers connected to them. Not necessary shared local printers, and get a list of the computers and possibly the model of the printer. Any ideas?

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Since you wrote that the clients are win xp, I'm assuning that you have an active directory. So, you could build a script using WMI to do it to you.

Take a look at this script, it will retrieve information about printers installed on a local machine.

And you could join it with this script, that will retrieve all the computers registerd in your domain.

By joining both scripts you will end up with a script that will walk over your network retriving printing information.

At this site you will find lots of good resources.

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A variety of network inventory tools will help you with this - Spiceworks is available free (although might have a client count limit on the free version). There are others, and you might already have something, especially if you have a deployment tool for setting up those workstations. Many deployment tools include inventory functions.

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