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IIS6 is refusing to host files with a space in the name. The browser requests the file as:, which is fine. But IIS just returns a 404 for it. Replacing spaces with dashes works fine. This is a new development setup, and the previous IIS6 server hosted the files just fine, so I must be missing a setting somewhere to enable this.

Just to be explicit, the MIME types for the file are set up fine, as evidenced as when I remove the spaces and uses dashes instead.

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just a guess - is URLScan or something similar configured on the server and blocking the %20 -> space mapping or resulting URL?

You could test the % mapping question by getting a working url e. g. once with dashes as you said, then replace a character such as %61 for "a".

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I do not believe URLScan is installed. I can't find it under the %windir%/system32/inetsrv folder, nor under Add Remove Programs. – Mortanis Feb 7 '11 at 21:40

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