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I have four computers and on two of them (say it will be n1 and n2) I have installed NFS4 server and exported:


Now, both n1 and n2 has the same configuration and I can mount and unmount those resources on any of my computers (in /home/n1 and /home/n2) without errors, but I can access only resources from n1. When I try to ls directory from n2 I get error: "Stale NFS file handle".

My network is working correctly, I have no firewall, both of them has the same configuration and the same Ubuntu 10.04 server version.

On client machines in logs I get this error:

[585039.584017] NFS: server error: fileid changed
[585039.584019] fsid 0:16: expected fileid 0x1ba54e2, got 0x3f20001

I've checked it on server machine and this 0x3f20001 is id of /export directory and 0x1ba54e2 is /export/home.

My fstab looks like this: /home/n2 nfs4    _netdev,auto 0 0

IP belongs to n2 host.

Any idea?

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The fsid should be different for each export and it is set to 0 in your configuration.

You should try to set a different fsid for each export on each server.

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Thanks I removed fsid=0 from /export/home since manual says that NFSv4 should take care of it. – klew Feb 8 '11 at 12:22
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It looks like it was problem with wrong bind in fstab. Earlier when I was setting it up I accidentally swapped src and dest in fstab on n2 when I binded it to /home/n2 then, I moved some home directories and changed this bind to correct one. But probably I didn't remount it (I must have forgotten to do so).

I tried updating packages and after restart I noticed that /export/home was empty and all the data was in /home/n2 on n2. So again I moved it to /export/home and everything was working correctly.

So I guess that NFS had problems with exporting a directory that was binded from other directory.

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