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I have a domain, say and several subdomains under it, like, and so on, of which some point to other servers, and some point to the same server with apache set up with name-based virtual hosts.

Now, I also have another domain, say which I want to use in case a user misspells the address, so I want every subdomain of to point to the same subdomain under How can I accomplish this with minimal configuration and later maintenance of the domain? I've read on wikipedia about DNAME-records, which seems to serve my purpose, but my DNS provider doesn't seem to support this type of records.

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If the only service you're worried about is http. You could use a single wildcard DNS entry pointing to the main webserver and then from there use redirects to point the user to the corrected domain.

Another option is if you're willing to run your own DNS server, you can use includes to easily have the same config for all domains.

I do this and then have my DNS Provider replicate the settings from there. Doing this adds a bit of overhead on the maintenance side though.

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Thanks for answering - though it wasn't exactly the answer I was hoping for :/ A redirect via the webserver is not optimal for several reasons, and I had hoped to avoid setting up my own DNS server. I just got answer from my current DNS provider though, and it said basically the same thing. Maybe I'll try to find a provider that supports DNAME-records - hope I've understood how these work correctly... – Wonko Feb 10 '11 at 8:44

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