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I'm trying to run both IIS and Apache on the same machine and on the same port: I read this interesting post and it's working very well, but only for a local access (it doesn't work for a remote access):

So it's very useful for local testing, but unuseful for a real world deployment. Any chance to make it work also from a remote access? (I mean, i.e, using a No-IP address like instead of local http://mysite/)

I read other articles and I know I can run PHP on IIS, but I'd like to have both servers since I can run ASP sites on IIS and make mod_rewrite on Apache So, can it be done?

Thanks in advance

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Consider using Apache's mod_proxy and creating a separate virtual host in Apache to proxy all requests going to that virtual host to IIS.

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Ok, thanks, I'll give it a try – Ivan Feb 13 '11 at 11:46

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