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Im trying to find some benchmarks for average response time. We have 3 sites that have a response time between 5-7 seconds. They are US sites but their servers are located in the UK, could this have a huge negative impact on the response time. What other issues should we look for?

Thanks Jake

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Response time for what? From what? To what? – John Gardeniers Feb 9 '11 at 1:24
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The UK location will add at least 70ms to your transit path.

It is a problem if your audience is US based because of the latency introduced for each tcp handshake.

Try the test at against your site and a US based site. It only grabs the headers, but you can see the difference even at that level.

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You can measure your website response time with online tools like

=> Just compare your site with other UK based sites.

They are US sites but their servers are located in the UK

This will add a small, constant delay in the millisecond range. Unless you run game servers, that is normally not a problem. You can use the traceroute command to view the details. But again, for most site that is not an issue.

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