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Mouse is pointing to a fraction of where it should in a VMware vSphere 4.0 vm with the windows vSphere client.

Booting up UBCD -> PartedMagic... The mouse pointer has x/y co-ordinates of a smaller fraction of that which it "should" have.

This can be seen here:

Can anyone work out how I can make the mouse work properly with GParted and vSphere 4?

I know I could probably spend ages learning how to use the command line to do what I need here, but the whole point of using GParted is for the GUI..


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I used the GParted Live CD without a problem but have never tried the Ultimate Boot CD version. Have you try downloading the GParted only live CD?

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Perhaps you need to install vmware-tools on the guest OS (PartedMagic in this case) ? I know it includes some graphics accelerators which might help out. What linux distro is PartedMagic based on?

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When PartedMagic is selected from the UBCD menu, it shows an options list before it boots, choosing option 4 "Alternative graphical server" will use Xvesa, which is usable.

There's still a quirky mouse issue, but mousing off the screen seems to fix it...

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