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I have a quite large website, in which there is a forum powered by phpBB. I have APC enabled with 1Gb of RAM. phpBB generates a lot of php files of cache (60 000-70 000 in my case), and they rapidly fill up APC memory. I was thinking to disable apc caching of such files through the apc.filter option. In your opinion, does it make sense?

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Playing with the filters option definitely makes sense. I would try that first.

Otherwise, you can set apc.ttl to clean out the opcode cache entries after a set amount of time. It's set in seconds; try something like 3600 to start and adjust appropriately.

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It should be possible to turn off filesystem caching in phpBB. Your solution makes sense too.

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But I don't want to turn off phpBB filesystem caching... – Nicolò Martini Feb 9 '11 at 12:46
Hmm, it looks like phpBB template system can't use SQL or in-memory caching, so caching on filesystem is the only option. You are right, it's better not to turn it off. – Alex Feb 9 '11 at 13:02

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