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Afternoon, I'm running Plone 2.5.3 on SLES 10. With a separate Apache server ( using mod rewrite to access Plone.

Recently been experiencing slow performance loading pages. When I checked the ZOPE events.log there are lots of:

2011-02-09T13:20:18 ERROR ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing channel <ZServer.HTTPServer.zhttp_channel connected at 0x2aaaacaf97a0 channel#: 349 requests:> (socket.error:(104, 'Connection reset by peer') [/opt/Plone-2.5.3/Python-2.4.4/lib/python2.4/|initiate_send|219] [/opt/Plone-2.5.3/lib/python/ZServer/medusa/|send|417] [/opt/Plone-2.5.3/Python-2.4.4/lib/python2.4/|send|332])

I found a post which suggested this error is just caused by users navigaing away from a page before the request is complete, can anyone confirm this is normal Zope behaviour? Maybe I just need to reduce the log level?



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This is indeed normal behaviour, the errors are indeed caused by prematurely closing the socket (before the request has been fully read or the response has been fully sent).

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