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I am encountering a strange problem whit receiving cell phone emails via my MS Exchange 2007.

When my customer needs to send me a picture of a container he/she takes a photo with a cellphone and then tries to send that to my email ( I can see the email in my inbox but I do not see the picture. The sender email address is in this format:

I have placed that email into my White List but still no luck. When I asked my customer to send it to my personal email ( I can retrieve the email along with the picture.

What would prevent me from seeing those pictures?

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I suggest to turn on higher logging level for Exchange Transport and check why the picture is getting stripped. – Vick Vega Feb 9 '11 at 21:09

Couple things:

Does it display in webmail in exchange?

By White List do you mean safe senders list in outlook?

Also I would guess that it is the encoding of the email. Try embedding the picture in an email to yourself, or from a gmail account and see if it comes through. If it does it's probably the encoding of the attachment.

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By White List in the MS Exchange. I know if I try sending an email from it will work. But then it's my co-worker's phone with Outlook on it. – Darius Feb 9 '11 at 21:44

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